About The Paranormal Post

Hi there and welcome to the Paranormal Post, We are a paranormal research teem from Eastern Canada.

Our main research takes place in the Capital region, but we are interested in paranormal events in other parts of  Canada and the United States.

We at The Paranormal Post are a dedicated team. We would like to help you find some answers to those unexplained events. Here you will find information about the different types of paranormal activities as well as equipment and theories that we use to help provide you with the answers that you might seek. We will show you some of the places we’ve investigated along with our findings.

The team members here at The Paranormal Post have had our own personal paranormal experience’s that have led us in search of answers.

We take a scientific approach to all investigations and try to find the most logical explanation first, in other words we will try to debunk before concluding that it was paranormal but sometimes we are left with evidence for which there were no explanation for and leave us to believe that it is of paranormal nature.

Please take time to check our site out and relate to us any paranormal experience you have had or are having.

Feel free to contact us and submit photos for our gallery (pictures chosen are at our discretion) and tell us if you know of any places that are haunted.

If you are having an experience with ghosts or some other form of paranormal activity and would like our team to investigate, (no charge) please see our contact page and send us an email.

The Paranormal Post team.

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