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Hey my friends!

My name is Gaëtan Lavigne and I am the one behind this Paranormal Blog, called  “The Paranormal Post”, yes! Just like a news paper … because it is made to resemble a sort of news paper, I am the Chief  Editor and Webmaster.

My passion for the Paranormal fascinates me to the max. From my young age, I have been witnessing strange stuff all the time, I am also sensitive to the paranormal, I have senses that makes me see, hear and smell things that are not there for others. It’s creepy sometimes, but after so long I get more curious and not scared.

I need to find out all the time if it’s just me feeling this way, or asking myself if I am crazy. My life was and still is, a living hell, so now I have decided to follow my passion of investigating and documenting about the paranormal, but mostly ghost entities and all that is attached to it, Shield Paranormal Society is our Investigation side of TPP, SPS will get answers and evidence to this mystical world.

Here is my bio; I was born in the city of Hull, now called Gatineau in the Province of Québec, Canada, yes I am Canadian, and a French one two! Eh? …      I have worked in a number of fields; the food industry for 15 years, for the city (Police of Gatineau), the federal Government (Security, House of Communes) and I also work for myself in the Multimedia (Web Design) business, after going to college in Montreal, following a major injury to a knee in 1998. I live with the love of my life, her name is Kim, together we have five kids, I have four, one girl and 3 boys, and Kim has one boy.

I am open to all your stories, theories and media you may want to send me and I hope you will enjoy following me and my team on this new paranormal journey and adventure.


Gaëtan Lavigne
Chief Editor and Webmaster
The Paranormal Post  ©  2010


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