The Red Lion Inn at Avebury

The Red Lion Inn at Avebury has been home to hauntings that showcase these demons and ghosts. Sightings and unfamiliar happenings have been recorded since the 18th century at this simple yet exquisite hotel in the confines of Britain. The sightings correspond with temperature rises and disembodied sounds that seem to emanate from nowhere in particular. Objects are known to have been thrown onto patrons, especially those with black beards. Latin word phrases, scratching sounds and menacing laughter have also been heard at this inn by people visiting this place.

The location of the Red Lion Inn at Avebury has been home to dark forces since 4000 BC when stone circles and foundation were erected for no particular purpose. This inn has been the home of about five different spectral objects and is counted as one of the most haunted inns in the entire British island. There are many apparitions that have been seen here but the one that makes the headline most often in the ghost of a woman named Florrie.


Florrie’s husband was a soldier who went to war leaving his beautiful wife behind, when he returned from war he caught his wife in another man’s arms. One gunshot later and the wayward wife’s hot blooded lover was stone dead, with Florrie following soon after. Legend has it that with a flick of the wrist, Florries throat was slit from ear-to-ear. Just to make absolutely certain of her demise, her husband dumped her body down the well that can still be seen in the in the Inn’s lounge, her husband had not finished there – he went on to drop a huge boulder on top of her body to make sure she stayed where she was. The well is now the main attraction in the pub as it have been cleaned and sealed with a glass pane which serves as a serving area for drinks.

Legends also speak about a man who out of goodwill hid a few outlaws in the cellar but was killed and now spooks, other sources tell about a woman and children who are seen in rooms at no particular point of time. Additionally, there are instances of objects that are missing for days but are returned after a few days to the same place. These forms of life are summoned by some deed of witchcraft or magic which pulls them out from their restive peaceful slumber that they have been enjoying since their death. Though most of these apparitions interfere with the normal way of life of most individuals they usually do not mean any harm as they portray themselves are restless souls who have been the brunt of injustice.

The chances of seeing the ghost of Florrie are increased if you happen to be bearded. Landlords and owners of this place choose to be unassociated with these spectral apparitions as they are harbingers of death and bad luck.

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