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The Parapsychology Revolution

Grounded in both scientific acumen and constructive inquiry, this anthology shines a rare, clarifying light on the controversial realms of psychical and paranormal research, surveying reports, essays, and arguments from more than a century of investigation into matters such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and past-life regression.

In the past one hundred and twenty-five years-despite a relative paucity of funding and the troubling persistence of fraud-serious inquiry into the paranormal, particularly as it relates to clairvoyance and psychical perception, has successfully entered the scientific age.

Studies in the modern laboratory, employing rigorous methodology and peer- reviewed oversight, have conclusively detected statistical anomalies that suggest the presence of some not yet understood faculty of the human mind. In The Parapsychology Revolution, Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.-a scholar widely known for his geological theories that question the conventional dating of the Great Sphinx-and researcher Logan Yonavjak introduce and anthologize core writings that underscore the range and continuing challenges of psychical research.

The book’s extensive introduction and the editors’ commentary on individual essays and sections highlight milestones, feuds, and key players that mark the nascent history of this fascinating and important field of research. Finally, The Parapsychology Revolution addresses and clarifies the all-important question: Is there legitimate evidence for a world beyond the ordinary?




The End Of Materialism

Modern science has taught us much about the world, but will science ever make spirituality obsolete? Today, the need for spiritual explanations remains strong — some 20 percent of the population describes themselves as “spiritual, but not religious,” that is, unaffiliated with a specific church or synagogue but engaged in spiritual seeking. A 2006 survey found that 92 percent of Americans believe in a personal God — that is, a god with a distinct set of character traits. The classic materialist view is of a universe of separate objects that occasionally and meaninglessly affect each other through material forces. These objects are considered to be dead matter. But are things more linked than we normally imagine? This book presents an elegant argument that the twenty-first century needs a much broader perspective on the nature of reality than traditional science is capable of delivering. In The End of Materialism, Tart presents research that supports the existence of paranormal phenomena and shows readers how science and spirituality can be understood as two interconnected halves of a whole instead of as forces in opposition. This book is ideal for scientifically minded individuals curious about life’s spiritual side as well as spiritually inclined people seeking to back up their beliefs with legitimate scientific evidence.




The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Paranormal

An otherworldly examination of the unknown that will keep fright fans reading all night

From any strange experience that can’t be defined by science to psychic phenomena to monsters and weird creatures, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide(r) to the Paranormal” focuses on the most interesting and bone- chilling aspects of the Paranormal the supernatural including:

a Ghosts and spirits

a Angels, demons, and spellcasters

a Unexplained phenomena




Paranormal Encounters

Paranormal Encounters is a complete, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at paranormal investigations and at two major movies, Robbie Thomas Visits The Sallie House and the critically acclaimed hit movie, Dead Whisper, where first-time-ever communication with the other side was captured in direct conversation with a psychic medium. You are going to be captivated by what the other side has to say as Robbie Thomas brings forward more than just validation that was caught on EVP and film but the truth behind each place visited on this journey. The uninvited were most prevalent during these many factual moments that were all documented in real time, either on film, electronic voice phenomena, or written documentation in script form. As you read through these chilling accounts, you will become more than entrancedA a¬A]you will be living The Dead Whisper.




More True Tales of the Paranormal

This fascinating collection of true paranormal accounts written by a researcher and scientist documents the experiences people from all walks of life have had with the supernatural, covering a broad spectrum of mysterious events. It is written from a personal, analytical, philosophical, and scientific point of view.

The experiences range from phone calls from the dead and telekinesis to various forms of hauntings. These paranormal events, in whatever form they take, change the perspective of those involved on life, death, and reality. This important book also sets out to explore the possible meanings and purpose of such experiences as well as investigating various cultural and scientific explanations. What if this is all true? What meaning does it hold for us all? Would we live our lives differently if we knew the real truth behind the strange events described in this unique look at paranormal phenomena?





Ultraterrestrial Contact investigates the most extreme and bizarre UFO reports-the cases that most UFO investigators are afraid to tackle-and presents a radical new quantum approach to understanding the contact phenomenon.

When Philip Imbrogno collaborated with famed UFO researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek on Night Siege, Dr. Hynek requested that the more sensational cases of “high strangeness”-claims of contact with not only alien intelligence, but also demons, djinn, and otherdimensional beings-remain unpublished. Hynek thought the reports would detract from the credibility of the entire extraterrestrial investigation field. This book reveals, for the first time, the details of these controversial reports and presents Imbrogno’s startling scientific conclusions from his thirty years of research into the alien contact phenomenon.




Paranormal State

Ryan Buell, star of the hit A&E series Paranormal State, takes us behind the scenes of his most intense supernatural encounters.

ollow Ryan Buell on his extraordinary journey as he seeks out the truth behind terrifying demonic disturbances, hauntings, and paranormal phenomena to solve unexplained mysteries that have been plaguing frightened families who have nowhere else to turn.

In Paranormal State, Buell gives readers a chilling, in-depth look at some of the most disturbing cases-includingsome that have never been aired-revealing startling new facts and incredible new discoveries. Buell relives the origins of the Paranormal Research Society-discussed here for the first time-and the strange path his life has taken since the show’s beginning. With unparalleled candor, Ryan discusses the intriguing mysteries, the difficult decisions, and the struggles with questions of faith, sanity, and the very concept of reality.




Ghost Hunting

The Atlantic Paranormal Society, also known as T.A.P.S., is the brainchild of two plumbers by day, paranormal investigators by night: Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Their hair-raising investigations, fueled by their unique abilities and a healthy dose of scientific method, have made them the subject of a hit TV show: the SCI FI Channel”sGhost Hunters.

Now their experiences are in print for the first time, as Jason and Grant recount for us, with the help of veteran author Michael Jan Friedman, the stories of some of their most memorable investigations. The men and women of T.A.P.S. pursue ghosts and other supernatural phenomena with the most sophisticated scientific equipment available — from thermal-imaging cameras to electromagnetic-field recorders to digital thermometers — and the results may surprise you. Featuring both cases depicted on Ghost Hunters and earlier T.A.P.S. adventures never told before now, this funny, fascinating, frightening collection will challenge everything you thought you knew about the spirit world.




Seeking Spirits


For the first time ever, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.), share their most memorable and spine-tingling early cases — none of which has ever appeared on television. Beginning with the previously untold experiences that sparked their passion for ghost hunting, Jason and Grant”s bone-chilling investigations uncover:

• A Connecticut woman who seems to exist in two places at once

• A little girl whose invisible playmate retaliates

against her father”s punishments

• A man overcome by an evil entity as Jason and Grant survey his home

• A distraught woman who dreams of paranormal events

before she experiences them…and much more!

Jason and Grant didn”t always have the fancy scientific equipment and experienced team that fans now watch on their smash-hit television show. As they share their hair-raising first experiences, they offer essential tips for budding paranormal investigators — including how to use an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter and an infrared camera, determine if a supernatural phenomenon is good or evil, and deal with spirits. Whether you”re a skeptic or a believer, these fascinating and frightening true stories will keep you up at night!



Journeys Into The Unknown

This fascinating and bloodcurdling book takes the reader through a collection of amazing ghost stories and paranormal investigations across Ontario that have never before been reported. The circumstances behind fifteen unusual cases of hauntings and ghostly manifestations are explored together with the detailed sagas of full-scale investigations into six further spooky inexplicables occurring in or near Toronto.

The book concludes with a look into a complete investigation of a haunting, including a guide that explains the techniques used to conduct a paranormal investigation. The final section that explains the theories behind what a ghost is, how they manifest, and where they hide – challenging the classic theories of life-after-death research. So turn on all the lights, keep your back to the wall, and be prepared to take a journey into the reality of the unexplained.




The Ghost Hunters Survival Guide

Chasing the unseen has become a popular pastime but most ghost hunters are unaware of the very real harm that can be done by malevolent human spirits, non-human entities, and a host of astral parasites. This guide from medium and paranormal investigator Michelle Belanger features proven protection techniques-and for the skeptics out there, highlights how the methods also work on a psychological level. You”ll get straightforward instruction on arming yourself with an array of essential techniques:

  • Perform psychic cleansings
  • Remove attachments
  • Protect dreams
  • Shield spaces
  • Ward to protect a home
  • Remove and bind spirits
  • Cope with spirit possession

Woven through each chapter is a gripping, true account of a ghost investigation conducted by Belanger, which provides a framework for understanding when to use these potent defense strategies.

“Michelle Belanger is without a doubt the go-to person for paranormal enthusiasts looking to learn more.”-Ryan Buell, founder of the Paranormal Research Society

“I highly recommend this book to all those who truly wish to gain respect as a ghost hunter of integrity.”-Brad Steiger, author/coauthor of 170 books on paranormal and metaphysical subjects, including Real GhostsRestless Spirits, and Haunted Places

“I certainly never thought I needed a book like this, but Michelle has lots of practical advice that even we skeptics can use to keep our heads in order.”-Adam Selzer, author of Your Neighborhood Gives Me the Creeps.



The Ghost Hunters Field Guide

Author and ghost researcher Gregory Branson-Trent returns once more to the field of paranormal investigation with a field guide to ghosts and hauntings. With this edition he includes information on investigation techniques, detection equipment, spirit communication, cameras and photo analysis, historical research and more!




Files From The Edge

For more than thirty years, paranormal expert and scientist Philip Imbrogno has investigated-or been witness to-amazing phenomena that push the limits of reality. In Files From the Edge,Imbrogno presents the most shocking cases of his career, complete with eyewitness reports and never-before-released photographs.

This scientific investigation into the bizarre paranormal realm of high strangeness features never-before-published, meticulously documented research on the weirdest of the weird-abductions, encounters, and sightings of Bigfoot, sea serpents, and the blood-sucking Chupacabra. Imbrogno examines reports of poltergeists, alien creatures, humanoids, spook light, ghost voices, earth spirits, and djinn. Using the latest quantum theory, he offers a scientific analysis of how these phantoms of time and space might materialize in our three-dimensional world. Many of the topics covered in this book have been virtually unpublished until now.




The Little Book Of The Paranormal

Introducing the world of the supernatural, this little book entertains with numerous anecdotes, snippets of information, and lists of events that are not accepted by science as being genuine. This amusing yet serious volume will leave the reader wondering just why scientists refuse to study this amazing paranormal world. Because the supernatural is a subject of endless public fascination, there is an insatiable appetite for tales of it. This collection whets that appetite and includes topics such as UFOs and aliens, Bigfoot and man-apes, ghosts and hauntings, sea-serpents and lake monsters, predictions and curses, poltergeists, paranormal humans, and “going beyond”—near-death experiences and mediumship. This thought-provoking book covers all aspects of the paranormal for the skeptic and believer alike.




The Ghost Chronicles

“The perfect combination for a paranormal investigation.”

David Wells, Most Haunted

A unique collection of episodes from the case files of the New England Ghost Project

Journey into a world of the unexplained and the unknown, a world where what you can”t see captivates all your attention. A trance medium and a paranormal scientist team up in this spellbinding collection of 17 supernatural mysteries, a mere sampling of the spooky episodes in their vast ghost hunting case files.

Former skeptic Ron Kolek, with his infrared camera and EMF meter, and fifth-generation psychic Maureen Wood, with her sixth sense and pendulum, have become experts in investigating ghosts, whether they”re helping the descendant of an accused witch, checking out the spirits of Lizzie Borden”s slain parents, or assisting a monk with an exorcism. Their unique partnership adds a new dimension, and their adventures will test the senses and challenge everyday thinking?and just might make you believe in the paranormal.




The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told

bestselling authors. Gripping tales of mayhem include both

novellas and short stories like “Restoration of Faith” by Jim Butcher, “The Judgment” by the famous murderess Anne Perry, “Grey Eminence” by Mercedes Lackey, “The Ghost Patrol” by Ron Goulart, “Road Dogs” by Norman Partridge, “The Hex Is In” by Mike Resnick, “Doppelgangster” by Laura Resnick, “The Hundredth Kill” by John Marco, the chilling “If Vanity Doesn”t Kill Me” by Michael A. Stackpole, and many, many, more.

Compiled and edited by the world”s most prolific anthologist-the award-winning Martin H. Greenberg-this is the biggest paranormal crime book on the market and the ultimate collection for crime lovers, ghost hunters, and thrill seekers everywhere. Also included are multiple stories by New York Times bestselling authors. The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told is the first book in the series, which includesThe Best Hunting Stories Ever Told and The Best Fishing Stories Ever Told.




Ghosts and How To Find Them

After reading this book, you will know everything that a beginning paranormal investigator needs to know for beginning your own investigations. Simply follow the steps and use this as a reference for your own paranormal experiences. See for yourself some actual photos our team has acquired. Photos from residences and businesses are guaranteed genuine, and untouched actual photos taken during investigations. You will be able to identify the different types of hauntings and entities. Learn about the equipment needed and how to use them. There is sample EVP questions to help determine who or what you are communicating with and how to understand the readings. A glossary of common terms at the back of the book are to aide you in understanding the terms used in the paranormal realm you are embarking on. Parapsychology needs all the investigators it can get. Welcome to a new world of experiences, and enjoy it.




Dead Haunted

The host of British television’s Most Haunted program conducts a personally-guided tour through the world of paranormal investigation. Visit Phil’s top ten favorite haunted sites, including some of the UK’s creepiest locations, such as the aptly-named Chillingham Castle, where the pitiful wails of the “Radiant Boy” echo and the ghostly former mistress of the castle, “Lady Berkley,” forlornly roams the cold stone halls in search of her long-dead family. Or the infamous Edinburgh Vaults, where the spectral “Mr. Boots” stalks the dank chambers. Further, Phil explains how to tell natural phenomena from supernatural events, discusses the role of mediums, the equipment he uses, and details how all those with the interest and nerve can conduct their own investigations into the paranormal.




Paranormal Technology: Understanding the Science of Ghost Hunting

Paranormal Technology is the first book to provide a scientific method for ghost hunting, which includes in-depth explanations of what the collected data means. Paranormal Technology offers new techniques, answers questions, and provides experiments, which will help bridge the gap between the paranormal and science. Written in everyday language, it offers keen insights into the nature of paranormal phenomena, the protocols required for collecting evidence that will stand up to scientific scrutiny, and the possible theories that may explain the source of “Ghosts”. Currently employed test equipment is examined and proper use is covered in great detail. Paranormal Technology is an indispensible aid to any scientific researcher or ghost hunting group, whether you are a beginner, or with many years of experience. This book is not a means to an end, but rather, an invitation to a fresh beginning.




An Encyclopedia of Paranormal Events

What are ghosts? Ghosts are alleged spirits of the dead that make themselves known through various means including strange smells, noises, cold breezes and poltergeist activity, being seen mainly in or around dwellings. As a result of a growing interest in Spiritualist phenomena, scientific investigations in this area have become well established in the 19th century. This is known as ghost hunting and is comprised of various methods of investigating claims of ghosts, apparitions and poltergeists to determine the validity of claims. The Society For Psychical Research (SPR) in London has established guidelines for investigations pertaining to this area. They have determined five classifications of paranormal activity:

1. Unaccountable movement of objects.

2. Unaccountable noises (includes voices and music).

3. Apparitions, mysterious lights and shadows.

4. Unaccountable touches, pushes, smells, and temperature changes.

5. Feelings of fear, disgust, horror, and of an unseen presence or force.

*Investigators estimate that 70 to 98% of all reports have natural explanations.

Ghosts have been experienced in all regions of our world. Ghosts even have their own club – The Ghost Club is a London based organization, the oldest in existence (circa 1862), devoted to the investigation of paranormal phenomena and physical research.

Included In this book is the first volume of an encyclopedia of ghosts worldwide. This book is filled with reported ghosts, hauntings, terminology, and equipment used to conduct investigations. Keep an open mind when reading and enter into the world of the paranormal.




Paranormal Journeys

They lurk in the darkest corners of a forgotten cemetery, within the shadows of a forlorn country hotel, among the swaying branches surrounding Devil Worshippers Mountain and inside the long corridors of an abandoned hospital. They are watching us, trying to make contact from the other side. They exist within a world between ours and the next. Take this journey with paranormal investigator Paul Cagle as he encounters supernatural phenomena while searching for the ultimate truth. It is a journey you will never forget.




New Theories of the Paranormal

In the paranormal field there has been the belief that physical energy in very rare cases can transcend death itself. Researchers had drawn the conclusion that trauma induced death was somehow the key to this phenomenon. In this book we will explore new theories that will lead us closer to revealing why ghosts exists.




Untold Paranormal Police Stories

“Police veteran George Newton loves his work and the risks associated with it. His partner, Gene Wilson, dreams of becoming a criminal lawyer. Each officer believes they have seen it all, but something so bizarre is about to occur that neither of these men will ever be able to trust their gut instincts again

As Newton and Wilson cruise the streets of San Pedro, California, looking for gang activity, they see a middle-aged gentleman sitting in a vehicle on the side of the road. After they question the obviously intoxicated man, the officers allow him to walk to his house nearby to retrieve a pencil and paper. When he does not return, Newton and Wilson ring the doorbell and soon learn that Bill Balsam died at the hands of a drunk driver one year ago on that same street on the same night. Left with nothing but Balsam’s driver’s license and an abandoned truck, the two officers are suddenly thrust into a world where the paranormal collides with reality and no one believes their story.

In this captivating thriller, only time will tell what will happen when two men in blue encounter events that cannot be explained—let alone accepted.”




Ghost Hunters

What if a world -renowned philosopher and professor of psychiatry at Harvard suddenly announced he believed in ghosts? At the close of the nineteenth century, the illustrious William James led a determined scientific investigation into “unexplainable” incidences of clairvoyance and ghostly visitations. James and a small group of eminent scientists staked their reputations, their careers, even their sanity on one of the most extraordinary quests ever undertaken: to empirically prove the existence of ghosts, spirits, and psychic phenomena. What they pursued— and what they found—raises questions as fascinating today as they were then.




A World of Parapsychology & The Paranormal

A World of Parapsychology and the Paranormal sets out to provide answers to many commonly asked questions concerning the world of the paranormal and research done in the field of parapsychology. From the Akashic Records to the Bermuda Triangle, from information on ghosts and ghost hunting to definitions of many words commonly used in the world of paranormal studies, A World of Parapsychology and the Paranormal is sure to answer many of the questions you have concerning a topic not commonly discussed in the everyday world.




The Ghost Next Door

“A collection of chilling stories…eerily believable and truly spooky…very strongly recommended…”–“Midwest Book Review

Most people think of ghosts as rare, elusive creatures that are more or less inaccessible to the average Joe. Sure, we read about them, watch TV shows about them and tell stories about them, but we’ll probably never run into one–right? Don’t be so sure. Even if you’ve never personally encountered a ghost, chances are you know someone who has.

“The Ghost Next Door” takes a revealing look into the lives of average, everyday people from across the country who have had experiences in the realm of the unexplained. Whether you’re a true believer in ghosts or a hard-nosed skeptic, you’re sure to get a chill or two when you read about the woman who was visited by her grandfather…on the night of his funeral Or the man who was forced to move by a troublesome spirit…only to find it had followed him

As you make your way through these and other genuinely spooky stories, you’ll probably find that ghostly encounters are a lot more common than you had imagined. Could there be a “haunted house” in “your” town? Perhaps on your very street? Maybe even right “next door”?




The Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World

This is the definitive A-Z reference book on all things psychic, mysterious and paranormal — the marvels, secrets and mysteries of the visible and the invisible world. This wonderful guide covers everything you could want to know including ghosts, strange phenomena, people, places, events, and ideas.

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