How to Study Paranormal Phenomena


It can be difficult to study paranormal phenomena, for the simple reason that there is very little undisputed evidence of its existence. Thus, it is not possible to study paranormal phenomena with any degree of standardization. United States colleges do not offer degrees in parapsychology. However, an increasing number of private organizations dedicated to learning more about the paranormal are cropping up around the country and the world.

However here are a few steps you can take to better understand and study the paranormal.

Understand the scientific method. Though the study of paranormal phenomena usually falls outside the scope of mainstream science, it is still approached using accepted scientific modes of inquiry.

Choose a field to specialize in. The study of paranormal phenomena typically focuses on either extrasensory perception in human beings, the study of ghosts or the pursuit of UFOs. You may find it most rewarding to specialize in a certain phenomena so that you can make a significant contribution to scientific knowledge regarding the topic that interests you most.

Take a course specifically designed to teach techniques used to study a range of paranormal phenomena, from ESP and ghosts to UFOs and alien abductions. The American Association for Parapsychology offers a range of educational services to people interested in learning more about the study of paranormal phenomena.

Stay updated on the latest happenings in the world of the paranormal. Bookmark a reputable website that reports paranormal phenomena from around the world, you can use paranormal news websites to track down information on activity near your home.

Track down paranormal activity that’s happening in your area. Travel to the site where it occurred, round up witnesses if possible, conduct interviews and document whatever physical evidence may be available. Take photographs of the site, and stick around with video and/or audio equipment to see if you can capture any evidence of your own.

Tips & Warnings

It is relatively rare for accredited colleges to offer programs of study involving paranormal phenomena. Those that do tend to receive relatively little in the way of funding. It may be a better option to pursue the study of the paranormal through an independent organization or foundation.


Comment from Publisher

You can learn a great deal on the paranormal in books such as “The Everything Ghost Hunting Book” or any other books or documents you may find that provides you with information regarding ghost hunting and the supernatural. Do make sure that you learn as much as possible before doing your own private investigation and never go on a ghost investigation alone. Check in your local area, chances are you’ll find a ghost investigative team, contact them to see if they need any new members or if you could participate on one of their investigations.


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