Ever wonder

Do you ever wonder why things happen to you the way they happen. Do you ever feel that certain events are more than coincidental? If all you’ve ever done is good in your life and help people on your way, then why is it that bad things keep happening and following you everywhere?

I honestly do not have the answer to that. But I wish I did so that I could change it.

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people that seem to have been born under a lucky star! That everything they touch or take on seems to happen to them in a positive way, just because and without to much effort and sometimes these people are not necessarily part of the “good guys” category either. And then you have those who try and try their whole lives without ever having any kind of luck.

So what does this mean?

Could this have something to do with karma? Is there such a thing as good or bad karma?  The Buddhist religion seems to believe so. According to them Karma is referred to as a “moral law of cause and effect.” So in other words good, will be returned with good, and evil will be returned with evil. It is also believed by them that you get whatever fate you have. They have a strong belief in reincarnation, which to them explains why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. It happens because it has to happen, perhaps because you’ve done wrong in your past life and so you’re suffering its consequences now in this life.

So what does that mean for the others who do not share the same thoughts or do not believe in the Buddhist laws? I think that they keep searching until they find the truth, if the truth is even out there.

Many people have different theories about this but none has come up with the answer that everyone can believe.

Until then, I guess this means that we continue to live our lives the way we live it without ever understanding the why’s, but simply hope that one day things can change for the better.

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