Hosting a website is sometimes a nightmare and to get out of it will takes ages and a lot of efforts. Today we will discuss on how you can avoid such nightmares and get a perfect web hosting for your current online business as well as for new business ventures! Its always crucial to look into every details to avoid the bad experience.

You can find a lot of companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Siteground, namecheap etc, but the point is they are very expensive but obviously you will get a high end support and to cover all these they charge a lot of money! But what you will do if you have limited budget and still need a good hosting provider? Then there are companies like Unique Links in Pakistan, who are offering high end services at a very very low price. The support is good, company is being since 2003 and serving a lot of clients locally in Pakistan and globally to many other clients.So its one of the best option for your online business.

Web Hosting Pros & Cons

1: Server Location: Server location is one of the important expect to look for before selecting a hosting company. Check whether its nearby your country or its optimized to deliver the best ping to your country then its one of the best choice for your business. The more near your website hosted, the better will be the response and you will get a lot of SEO benefits as well. So always look for where will be your website hosted.

2: Disk Space: Gone those days when we use to get 200mb, 500mb website, now we are in the era of advance tech, fast internet and high end websites. So disk space below 1500mb shouldn’t be an option for your next website, so always go for high disk space so you can easily expand and grow. Sine you will be going to use your business emails then always select the disk space more than 1500mb at least.

3: HTTP/2: This is a new technology recently introduced, still a lot of servers are using HTTP/1 protocol. Always look for the hosting providers which are using HTTP/2, this is the important aspect in terms of website speed. As it will increase your website load time by 3-4x compared to HTTP/1. So make sure to opt for the servers which are using HTTP/2.

4: FREE SSL: SSL was paid and have been sold for a very high price until the Free SSL by Comodo and Lets Encrypt introduced! Now its one of the important part to consider when you are planning to host. As Google announced that all sites must have HTTPS enabled. And this changes also seen in google chrome where people gets a warning of insecure connection and its bad for your business if you consider the host without SSL. And usually those providers charge a lot for this simple free SSL.

5: Support: At last support and communication is another to look at when you are going to host with a provider. This is important if you need to survive online. Best support is always crucial and how they respond is another thing. So make sure you deal with people who knows how this business works! There are many resellers who rely on third party for support and to avoid it, you must consider the hosting server which knows each and everything. This will come very handy when there is a big issue with your website.

We will add more points in the article, please feel free to ask in the comments if you need any help or guide with your hosting.